Free Printable Conversation Cards:
40 Great Conversation Starters

Conversation cards are a fun and easy way to start conversations

  • You can use them at home, work, school, etc.
  • PDF with 40 free printable conversation cards
  • Contains a variety of topics to help break the ice
  • Helps everyone get to know each other better

Free Printable Conversation Cards, PDF with Conversation Starters, Questions and Topics
Simply print and cut out the cards. Then there are a variety of ways you can use the cards.
  • One way is to distribute one card to each person and have each participant answer the question on the card in front of them
  • Another way is to pick cards at random and have everyone answer the same question. If the respondent answers the question in just a few words
  • You can ask them to elaborate on their answer or ask follow up questions

- Download Conversation Cards Here

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